Equipment And Staffing Fees

All Ohio Statehouse rental equipment is included in the cost of the wedding package. Below, is a list of equipment that the Ohio Statehouse Office of Special Events can provide for your event. Equipment that the Ohio Statehouse does not possess may be provided by an approved rental service provider. A 20% facility fee is assessed to the gross receipts an "Approved Capitol Square Service Provider" receives from all sales within the "Capitol Building" or "Capitol Grounds." Final payment must be received 30 days after the event.


CSRAB staff person set up and break down all Ohio Statehouse events
The Ohio Highway Patrol is responsible for all security on Capitol Square. The Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board and the Ohio Highway Patrol determine the number of troopers needed for each event based on a variety of factors including expected attendance. Security is required for approved events serving alcohol on Capitol Square.
Tour Guides
Tours for after-hours events are available at the rate of $20 per tour guide per hour, with a minimum two-hour charge. Each guide can accommodate a tour group of up to 50 guests, although smaller groups are preferred.

Electricity, Sound Systems and Visual Aids

Indoor Sound System*
Includes: podium, microphone, and speakers
Small Outdoor Sound System
Includes: podium and microphone
Large Outdoor Sound System
Includes: podium, microphone, and speakers
Microphones - Wired  
Microphones - Wireless (handheld or lapel)  
Media Multiple Plug Box  
DVD/CD Player  
42" Monitor  
60" Monitor  
Projector and Rear Projection Screen* (6' x 8')
(Rear projector and screen must be used in the Atrium)
Electrical Distribution Box (Spider)  
Keyboard - certain restrictions apply  

Special Event Equipment

Risers - 4' x 8'  
Choir Risers - 3 steps  
6' x 2.5' Rectangular tables  
8' x 2.5' Rectangular tables*  
60" Round tables*  
30" Round Cabaret Tables*
Adjustable height (seated or elbow)
Chairs (Gray)  
Chairs (White padded)  
Chivari chairs (Black)
Limited number and certain restrictions apply
Backdrop with photo of Statehouse, 7' in height, 8' in width*  
Pipe and Drape 8' in height*
24 feet available
Pipe and Drape 9'- 16' adjustable*
24 feet available
8' poles and bases  
Rope and Stanchion (Chrome)*
Limited number available
Sign Stanchions for directional signage*
Limited number available
8' Tall Sign Stanchions
Limited number available
Display Grids  
Coat racks*  

Press Conference Packages

Any press conference or literature package may be ordered at the package rate, if no other equipment or staffing is needed. This fee must be paid when the client’s permit application is submitted.

Standard Indoor Press Conference Package
For Atrium and Museum Gallery use.
Includes: CSRAB permit fee, podium, microphone, speakers, media mult box, 20 chairs and labor.
Light Indoor Press Conference Package
Includes: CSRAB permit fee, podium, media mult box, 20 chairs and labor.
Standard Outdoor Press Conference Package
Includes: CSRAB permit fee, small portable outdoor sound system, media mult box, 20 chairs, and labor.
Literature Table Package
Includes: CSRAB permit fee, 1 - 8 ft. table, 4 chairs, 2 easels, waste basket and labor.
*Indoor Use Only

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