Located on the ground floor of the Statehouse in the South Light Court The Andrews Raid was a plan to disrupt the Western & Atlantic Railroad which ran from Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Atlanta, Georgia. The plan was to highjack a train and tear up tracks, destroy telegraph lines and burn bridges as the train traveled to Chattanooga. The Raiders were pursued and finally captured a few miles outside Chattanooga, some of which were hanged as spies. The 22 members the raid were from Ohio regiments, many of which were the first ones to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor. This plaque was installed in 1919 in the Rotunda to honor these men who participated in the raid. It was moved to its present location during the restoration throughout the mid-1990s. Andrews Raiders Memorial IN MEMORY OF THE ANDREWS RAIDERS BIG SHANTY GEORGIA APRIL 12TH 1862 EXECUTED JAMES J. ANDREWS ----- SAMUEL SLAVENS FLEMINGSBURG KY. ----- CO. E. 33RD OHIO VOL. INF. GEORGE D WILSON ----- SAMUEL ROBERTSON CO. B. 2ND OHIO VOL. INF. ----- CO. G. 33RD OHIO VOL. INF. MARION A. WILSON----- JOHN M. SCOTT CO. A 2ND OHIO VOL. INF.------ CO. F. 21ST OHIO VOL. INF. CHARLES P. SHADRACK ----- WILLIAM H. CAMPBELL CO. K. 2ND OHIO VOL. INF. ------ SALINEVILLE, O ESCAPED OCT. 16TH 1862 WILSON W. BROWN ENGINEER ------ MARK WOOD CO. F. 21ST OHIO VOL. INF. ------ CO. C. 21ST OHIO VOL. INF. WM. J. KNIGHT ENGINEER ------ JOHN A. WILSON CO. E. 21ST OHIO VOL. INF. ----- CO. C. 21ST OHIO VOL. INF. JOHN REED PORTER ------ DANIEL A. DORSEY CO. G. 21ST OHIO VOL. INF. ------ CO. H. 33RD OHIO VOL. INF. MARTIN J. HAWKINS ----- JOHN A. WOLLAM CO. A. 33RD OHIO VOL. INF. ----- CO. C. 33RD OHIO VOL. INF. EXCHANGED MARCH 18TH 1863 JACOB PARROTT----- WILLIAM BENSINGER CO. K. 33RD OHIO VOL. INF. ----- CO. G. 21ST OHIO VOL. INF. ROBERT BUFFUM ------ WILLIAM H. REDDICK CO. H. 21ST OHIO VOL. INF ----- CO. B. 33RD OHIO VOL. INF. WILLIAM PITTINGER ----- ELIHU H. MASON CO. G. 2ND OHIO VOL. INF. ----- CO. K. 21ST OHIO VOL. INF.