Allen Trimble

1826 - 1830

Oil on Canvas

27.0" x 19.0"

Room 122


Governor Biography
Trimble was a member of the Federalist Party. He was born in Virginia in 1783. In 1804 he moved to the wild rough and tumble land of the new State of Ohio. The native Indians were being supplied arms by the British and were urged to wreak havoc among the small settlements which made up Ohio during that time. Trimble fought in those constant pitch battles and was successful as a leader therein. His family settled into a large tract of land in Highland County with his father and started a small farming operation. His father died in 1805 and the responsibility for the safety and security of the family then rested on his shoulders. In 1807 Trimble entered politics by accepting the appointment as Common Pleas Clerk and Recorder for Highland County. During the upcoming war with Britain, Trimble served as the commander of a regiment of soldiers from Highland County and saw action in the Indiana Territory against the Indian forces there. During the 1813 campaign year he was given a field commission to the post of Major after a forced march of two hundred miles to get his forces into battle near Upper Sandusky. 1816 saw Trimble's election to the Ohio House of Representatives, and shortly thereafter he won election to the State Senate representing a two county area. He served as Speaker from 1819 to 1825, and became acting Governor of Ohio in 1822 when Governor Ethan Allen Brown resigned to become a U.S. Senator representing Ohio. He then proceeded to lose two elections for governor, in 1822 and again in 1824 before winning the spot by a large plurality in 1826. He was re-elected in 1828 as a member of the new National Republican Party, and was thought of as a leading contender for the national presidency; however the party disbanded in 1832. Trimble was a prime element in the movement to establish a viable canal system in the state, and was an activist in attempts to solve the slavery issue. He also helped establish the Ohio Agricultural Board during his administration. Trimble died in 1870.

Freeman Thorpe 1844-?

Artist Biography
Thorpe was born in Geneva, Ohio in Ashtabula County in 1844. Thorpe has other pieces in the Statehouse art collection including the portraits of John Sherman and President James A. Garfield. Thorpe was a politician himself and served in the Ohio House of Representatives. He also had service in the cavalry during the Civil War. Several of his works are in the National collection in Washington, D.C.