Duncan McArthur

1830 - 1832

Oil on Canvas

36.0" x 28.0"

State Room - 108


Governor Biography
Duncan McArthur was born in New York State circa 1772. The family moved to Western Pennsylvania shortly thereafter and Duncan moved west from there at age eighteen. His move westward was with the army of General Josiah Harmer as it moved to meet up with the Virginia Militia assembling at Fort Washington (present day Cincinnati). This army moved up the Miami Valley and into the Maumee Valley to attack the Miami villages at the site of modern day Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Some Indian towns were burned, but the troops were repulsed and returned to Fort Washington. McArthur again enlisted in 1790 to fight the Indians, and served with great gallantry at the Battle of Captina (May, 1792). As a surveyor he assisted in laying out Chillicothe where he settled. He was elected to the Ohio Legislature in 1805, served with General William Hull in the War of 1812, and in 1814 succeeded General Harrison as Commander of the Army of the Northwest, defeating the British at the Battle of Malcolm's Mills. McArthur was elected to Congress in1822, and in 1830 he was elected Governor of Ohio. McArthur died near Chillicothe (Fruit Hill) in 1840.

Attributed - George W. Hoffman 1823-1887

Artist Biography
Hoffman was a noted portraitist who worked in New York City from 1842 through 1887. He was living and working in Ohio and Kentucky during the part of the 1860's and exhibited at the National Academy from 1843 through 1849.