Ohio Statehouse Launches New Website
March 11, 2014

The Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board (CSRAB) launched a redesigned and upgraded public website Monday. The new streamlined website is more intuitive, and consolidates information, previously scattered on five independent websites, to a single one stop shop for all things Statehouse and Capitol Square. The Ohio Statehouse website address has not changed—

William E. Carleton, executive director of CSRAB said, “With technology evolving at break-neck speed, it is important for public institutions to keep pace with technological advances to engage the public, and better serve their needs. The new Statehouse website is an online clearinghouse for Ohioans, and visitors from around the world, to learn about Ohio government, history and art. This new website helps CSRAB educate the public, facilitate the work of state government and protect the historical integrity of this great edifice.”

With a clean design and more easy to use navigation, the new Statehouse website delivers more information to the visitor quicker. “Since every Ohio student cannot visit the Statehouse on an annual basis. The new website has been redesigned to take the Statehouse to the student to engage and inspire the next generation of Ohio leaders," said Luke Stedke, communications and marketing manager for CSRAB. The upgraded website has four new sections that organize the site by topic with drop down tabs to further educate the visitor on the specific subject he or she has researched. Specific website upgrades include:

  • One consolidated website for CSRAB and the Ohio Statehouse

  • A searchable Online Collection Catalog,” for a deep dive into Ohio Statehouse history

  • Technology upgrades to facilitate more efficient communication with Ohio citizens

The Ohio Statehouse website redesign was led by Luke Stedke CSRAB communications director, and Mike Rupert CSRAB communications specialist in association with the fantastic team at Legislative Information Systems (LIS).

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