Ohio Statehouse unveils bronze bust of William M. McCulloch
December 17, 2014

William M. McCulloch bust
A large crowd today witnessed the unveiling of a bronze bust honoring the service of Ohio Congressman William Moore McCulloch. The event expanded the quintet of historic luminaries depicted in sculpture at the Ohio Statehouse to a sextet. Congressman McCulloch joins President Abraham Lincoln, Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase, Ohio Representative George Washington Williams, President Thomas Jefferson and Cleisthenes on public display inside the Ohio Statehouse. The bronze resides in the Ohio House Hall and has the congressman peering into the Ohio House Chamber—the institution he lead as Speaker of the Ohio House of Representative from 1939 to 1943.

“On civil rights issues, William McCulloch was a leader in Ohio and on the national stage. This bust will be utilized as a teaching tool to educate the tens of thousands of school children that visit the Statehouse annually. The Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board (CSRAB) continues its excellent work educating future leaders of Ohio,” said CSRAB Chairman Chris Widener.

The Statehouse ceremony was highlighted with remarks by Ann McCulloch Carver, Congressman McCulloch’s daughter, who spoke about her father’s time at the Ohio Statehouse as Speaker of the House. Congressman Louis Stokes of Cleveland, a colleague of McCulloch in Congress, spoke about McCulloch dedication to the civil rights and flatly stated that without McCulloch’s leadership the Civil Rights Act of 1964 would not have happened.

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