Board of Directors

The Board's Role
The role of the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board (CSRAB) is to provide all educational, maintenance, support and security services for the Capitol Square (CS).

Daily operations of the Board are performed by an executive director and staff. The staff manages the maintenance, operations and security of the CS, and operates the underground parking garage, and Statehouse Museum Shop.

The Board also grants permits for public activities occurring in and on the CS and oversees the operation of the Capitol Cafe. The Ohio Statehouse Museum Education Center coordinates tours of the CS and provides information about the buildings, their history and Ohio's government.

Board Members:

Speaker of the Ohio House Ryan Smith – CSRAB Chair
Honorable Bob Peterson, member of the Ohio Senate - Vice-chair
Richard F. Hillis, representing the Ohio History Connection - Secretary
Honorable Nicholas J. Celebrezze, member of the Ohio House
Juan P. Cespedes, representing the Ohio Arts Council
Honorable Jo Ann Davidson, former Speaker of the Ohio House
Beth Hansen, Chief of Staff, Office of the Governor
Vincent Keeran, Clerk of the Ohio Senate
Robert F. Klaffky, representing the Public-At-Large
Honorable Tom Niehaus, former Ohio Senate President
Honorable Michael Skindell, member of the Ohio Senate
Brad Young, Clerk of the Ohio House 

Ex-Officio Members:
Laura P. Battocletti, CSRAB Executive Director
Charles R. Moses, Capitol Square Foundation Chair