Ohio Statehouse Elevator Modernization Project


Some elevators in the Ohio Statehouse will be closed for modernization. The work will continue for several months.



 April 15, 2024 - Elevator Maintenance in Senate Building


The Elevator Modernization Project for the Capitol Square continues. This week, the south elevator in the Senate Building will be inspected and ready for use. 


When the south elevator opens, work will begin on the north elevator in the Senate Building.  The north elevator will be closed for maintenance for several months. 


During this time, the Mezzanine level may be accessed by the staircases, but not by elevator.  


Overall, the Elevators Modernization Project will continue through mid-2024, with one or two elevators being closed at a time. Additional elevator closings and directions will be forthcoming as work progresses.  


If you have questions, please contact the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board office at 614-752-9777.