Translations in Glass

Glass Art by Jacob Hinnenkamp
January 14 - May 4

Map Room
The Ohio Statehouse
1 Capitol Square
Columbus, OH 43215


The Ohio Statehouse introduces a modern stained glass window exhibit featuring original designs, collaborations, and re-creations by Jacob Hinnenkamp. All windows were built using the “Tiffany” method - glass pieces are wrapped in copper foil instead of thick lead strips. This allows for a more artistic approach when designing and constructing stained glass windows.  Pictured:  Cardinal L (left),    Eliz Vert (right), by Jacob Hinnenkamp.  


The unique collection of windows includes obscure and bizarre styles typically not practiced in the field. Jacob has included designs used in collaboration with The Charley Harper Art Studio and other Cincinnati artists.   


Important tools used in making a stained glass window, examples of different types of glass, and an incomplete window are being displayed to show how glass is cut from its original form to the finished pieces.




Jacob is the owner of Hinnenkamp Glass Crafters, a custom stained glass window business based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. He learned stained glass from his father Joseph and uses the same traditional methods and a similar style adapted from years of watching him in his studio. Together they work on windows big and small for homes, businesses, and everything in between.


Although neither received any formal training or schooling in stained glass, they have let trial and error be their greatest teacher. Collaborating with other artists has also allowed Jacob to gather a unique set of experiences that have helped him gain new perspectives and shape the direction of his vision.


Jacob and Joseph hope to revitalize the art form by specializing in unique and obscure themes, while paying homage to classical elements. These themes include bizarre naturescapes and animals, abstract and freeform representations, humanoid figures, complex geometric patterns, and elements of the macabre. Join them as they continue their meticulous work of piecing together the future of this lost and beautiful art form.