Boy Scouts 75th And Unknown Boy Scout
Located on a rock on the North Plaza (Broad Street) A rock on the Statehouse grounds holds two plaques related to the Boy Scouts: one commemorates the 75th anniversary of the scouts and the other recognizes an unknown boy scout who helped William D. Boyce navigate in dense London fog. When the boy refused a tip from Boyce because of his status as a scout, Boyce was so impressed he returned to the United States and was instrumental in starting the Boy Scouts of America. The true details surrounding the installation of the plaque are unknown but some attribute its placement to a ceremony celebrating Scouting's 25th anniversary in 1935. UNKNOWN BOY SCOUT DEDICATED TO UNKNOWN BOY SCOUT 1910 1935 IN ENGLAND WHOSE GOOD TURN BROUGHT SCOUTING TO MILLIONS OF AMERICAN BOYS SPONSORED BY CENTRAL OHIO AREA SCOUTS OF AMERICA BOYS SCOUTS 75TH PLAQUE TO COMMEMORATE 75 YEARS OF INSTILLING VALUES TO THE YOUTH OF OUR COMMUNITY. THE STATE OF OHIO SALUTES THE CENTRAL OHIO COUNCIL, BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA.