September 14, 2010
Capitol Ohio : 113 - Treaty Of Greenville
The Treaty of Greenville is a painting that hangs in the east stairway of the Rotunda. It was painted in 1945 by Howard Chandler Christy, an Ohio native. Christy was born in Morgan County and was well-known for his "Christy Girl" images, of which several are featured in New York City's Cafe des Artistes.

The Treaty of Greenville occurred in 1795 when members of western Indian tribes assembled at Fort Greene Ville to come to peace terms with with General Anthony Wayne. The main characters represented in Christy's painting are Anthony Wayne, Little Turtle, William Wells, William Henry Harrison, William Clark, Meriwether Lewis, Blue Jacket, Leather Lips, and Tarhe. The treaty marked the end of the Indian Wars in the Ohio Country and established a new western border for the United States.