November 16, 2010
Heart Of Democracy Exhibit Unveiling
The Heart of Democracy, phase three of the Ohio Statehouse Museum, opened to the public on November 16 during a short ceremony. The new exhibit on the ground floor of the Ohio Statehouse features major themes that chronicle democracy in Ohio and America.

This phase of the Museum is designed to highlight the significance of eight major themes that shine a light on democracy and illuminate the ideals of Ohio government. Themes include: We the People, Equality, Inalienable Rights, Knowledge, Justice, Tolerance, Liberty and Participation. Each theme is comprised of quotations from notable Ohioans, Americans and Greeks philosophers.

Featuring remarks by:
Richard Finan - Chairman, Capitol Square Review & Advisory Board
Charley Moses - Chairman, Capitol Square Foundation
Jeff Lyttle - Chase Bank, Donor to the Ohio Statehouse Museum
Gerry Hilferty - Hilferty and Associates, Designer of the Statehouse Museum

Reading of the Quotes by Heritage Middle School (Hilliard, Ohio) 8th Graders:
Keilah Avery
Cynthia Yu
John Morales
Alyssa Perry
Justin Martin
Allison Toplikar
Ethan Bryan
Luis Barremeo