Hough, Benson W.
Located on the Statehouse ground floor in the North Light Court Benson Hough was born in Delaware County, Ohio, and is highly regarded for his service in the military and numerous Ohio judicial positions and the U.S. Federal Court. He served as Ohio Adjutant General from 1915-1916. The men of the 42nd Infantry Division, whom Hough had commanded in France during World War I, dedicated this plaque in his honor. Hough Memorial MAJOR GENERAL BENSON W. HOUGH 1875 1935 BORN IN DELAWARE COUNTY ENLISTED CO. K. 4TH INF. O. N. G.-1892 OHIO WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY-1896 OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY LAW-1899 ADJUTANT GENERAL OF OHIO 1915-1916 COLONEL COMMANDING 166TH U.S. INF. 42ND DIV. 1917-1919 MAJOR GENERAL COMMANDING 37TH DIV 1920-1935 JUDGE SUPREME COURT OF OHIO 1920-1922 U. S. DISTRICT ATTORNEY 1922-1925 FEDERAL JUDGE SOUTHER DISTRICT OF OHIO 1925-1935 HON. MEMBER SUPREME COUNCIL ANCIENT ACCEPTED SCOTTISH RITE 33 DEDICATED TO HIS MEMORY ON THIS 14TH DAY OF JULY 1937 BY HIS CONRADES OF THE RAINBOW (42ND) DIVISON.