Northwest Territory
Located on the Statehouse ground floor in the North Light Court This plaque commemorates the 150th anniversary of the adoption of the 1787 Northwest Ordinance, which is considered one of the most important documents in American History. Celebrated nationally and in Ohio (particularly in the early settlement of Marietta), the year-long event helped lift the spirits of a nation in the midst of economic Depression. Northwest Territory Tablet 1787-1788 1937-1938 This TABLET COMMEMORATES THE OBSERVANCE OF THE ONE HUNDRED AND EIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY OF THE ADOPTION OF THE ORDINANCE OF 1787 AND THE SETTLEMENT OF THE NORTHWEST TERRITORY ERECTED BY THE NORTHWEST TERRITORY CELEBRATION COMMISSION OF OHIO MARTIN L. DAVEY GOVERNOR OF OHIO CHARLES D. FOGLE CHAIRMAN C. ELLIS MOORE VICE CHAIRMAN A. H. MITCHELL MEMBER SAMUEL J. MS CUNE MEMBER