The Hancock County flag was designed by M. Sean Risser of Findlay, in honor of the 1986 Centennial Celebration of the Hancock County Courthouse. The colors were chosen in respect to the national flag. Red stands for courage, white for purity, blue for justice and gold for quality. The right side of the flags shows 13 color variations from top to bottom to represent the 13 original colonies. The triangle on the left side depicts the same design on the Ohio State flag. Seventeen white stars represent two things: Ohio is the 17th state, and Hancock County has 17 townships. The circular stripe encloses three regions to indicate the past, present and future of Hancock County. The stripe was designed as a continuing border to indicate the permanence of our system of government. The plant symbolizes the importance of agriculture, and the building represents the business and industrial community. The figures stand for the service provided to the residents of Hancock County. The county was named for U.S. founding father John Hancock, the first signer of the Declaration of Independence.