The idea for a Williams County Flag was brought up by the Williams County Commissioners in 1989. The County would be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the current Williams County Court House, and several celebratory events were being planned. The Commissioners sponsored a contest for the flag supervised by the Williams County Schools Office. Along with the flag design the student needed to give the reasons for the design, colors, meaning, etc. Hundreds of entries were submitted. A panel of judges from the Williams County Schools chose the winner. The original design of the new flag for Williams County was made by Greg Stuckey of Alvordton, Ohio, a six grader at North Central Schools. Greg received a full size flag and a Savings Bond given by the Williams County Commissioners. The rays from the Court house are green and yellow with Williams County in blue in the northwestern corner of Ohio. Greg says of the flag, "Williams County is a fairly large farming community. The golden stripes stand for the golden rays of the sun needed to ripen the green fields to golden corn and wheat and other crops that grow from the rich brown soil. As the top most county in Ohio, Williams County is illustrated in blue as the blue sky tops off a beautiful day. The Court House stands for our rich heritage and history of Williams County as well as our rights and responsibilities as citizens of Williams County, the State of Ohio and the United States of America." Due to cost restraints the County is now shown in green but the meaning remains the same. Established in 1820, the county is named for soldier David Williams who helped capture British spy, John Andre in the Revolutionary War.