On Wednesday, May 1, 2002, at 10:00 am, the Wood County Commissioners adopted the official flag of Wood County. The Ohio Bicentennial Commission made a request to Ohio's County Commissioners to provide a county flag for use as part of a display of Ohio County Flags during 2003 at the Statehouse in Columbus. The flag was designed by members of the Buildings and Grounds Committee, Dorothy Cromley, Joan Gordon, Bill Lorenzen, Robert Pollex, Tim Brown, Stacey Hann-Ruff, Mike Sibbersen, Irma Wolf and Gale Williamson, with special assistance from Century Marketing in Bowling Green. The flag of Wood County is intended to symbolize our community history and sense of place. The blue background is adapted from the U.S. flag and calls to mind our national bonds. The red of the Wood County silhouette and ribbon symbolizes the lifeblood of all the men and women who have lived amidst the Great Black Swamp. Wood County is shown prominently on the gold field of the State of Ohio. The harvest gold represents our rich agricultural heritage. Nineteen white stars, one for each township, signify the bright future of our county and all her diverse citizens. Finally, 1820 is the year Wood County was established. As a whole, the design of the Wood County flag recalls a remarkable heritage and challenges us to continue to work together toward a productive future. The county was named for Major Eleazer D. Wood who built Fort Meigs.