Willis Blackshear

House : 2021 - present
Senate :
Home : Dayton
Occupation(s) : Outreach Specialist
Party : Democrat

Willis Blackshear Jr serves as State Representative for Ohio’s 39th House District, which includes most of the city of Dayton and Jefferson Township.


Rep. Blackshear serves his hometown the only way he knows how—by working together to find solutions to the issues that matter most to working people and families. He is prioritizing ways to reinvest in area neighborhoods and communities, bring tax dollars back to the district and put more money back in the pockets of Ohio taxpayers. 


Rep. Blackshear is committed to making Ohio a place that people will want to continue to live, work, raise children and retire. Rep. Blackshear is committed to helping Ohioans achieve the American Dream


Rep. Blackshear is committed to Ohio’s promise of better lives and brighter futures which begins in the classroom. That is why Rep. Blackshear is working across the aisle with Democrats and Republicans to invest in public education, expand access to early learning opportunities and ensure a quality education for every Ohio student regardless of where they live. 


A Dayton-area native, Rep. Blackshear formerly served as an outreach specialist at the Montgomery County Auditor’s Office and earned his BA in Political Science from Wright State University in Dayton.