Ohio Statehouse Repairs Damage from Protests
July 8, 2020

(Columbus, OH) –Repairs to the Ohio Statehouse and the Capitol Square grounds due to the protests on May 28 through June 18 will cost the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board $158,263.57. This amount does not include the expenses incurred by the Ohio State Highway Patrol, or the costs to repair the damage that occurred on other state property.

The Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board (CSRAB) is responsible for maintaining the historic character of the Ohio Statehouse and Capitol Square while providing for the health, safety and convenience of those who work in or visit the complex.

The CSRAB hired a professional service to clean and remove graffiti from the limestone building and walls, as well as the granite and marble monuments. The broken windows of the Ohio Statehouse have been boarded up since May 29, as the CSRAB collected quotes for repairs to the glass and the wooden millwork of the windows and doors. Exterior damages include pole lights and lanterns, a bench and many of the trash cans.