Experience History On Your Phone

The Statehouse has introduced cell phone audio tours to enhance the visitor experience. Visitors can experience history by learning about the people and places that the Ohio Statehouse monument collection pays tribute to. Visitors can explore the 10 acres of Capitol Square and dial in on their cell phone to specific predetermined phone numbers and listen to descriptions about the monuments and sculpture.

The sculpture cell phone audio tour program is designed to inform and educate Statehouse visitors about the historic rooms and the importance of each monument and the individuals that they honor. The cell phone audio tour is FREE, except for air-time minutes according to each visitor's cell phone calling plan.

The Ohio Statehouse Monument Cell Phone Audio Tour begins with the outside monuments and gardens on Capitol Square. Signage at the base of each monument highlights a tease question about each sculpture and a local phone number which visitors may call. A 30 to 90 second audio description depicts each area; and answers the question. This is a unique and exciting way to learn about Ohio's history.

Inside the Ohio Statehouse, phone messages describe the rooms and artworks of the Capitol. This allows guests to tour in thier own time. Pick up a paper brochure in the ground-floor Map Room, and call the phone numbers as you explore Capitol Square. Click below for a complete list of phone numbers.

The Monument Cell Phone Audio tour allows you to set the pace. You see all that you want to see - in the order you want to see it. And it's really as simple as 1-2-3.

1. Grab your cell phone and go.
2. Find the phone numbers in the list below, a paper brochure, or on the audio tour signs at the base of each monument.
3. Call the phone number and learn about the history behind each Statehouse monument.

The Ohio Statehouse is more than just a monument to our past - it is where history happens!

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