Ohio Deaf History Month exhibit

Ohio Deaf History Month - March 13-April 15
March 15 - April 15

Governors Hallway
The Ohio Statehouse
1 Capitol Square
Columbus, OH 43215


This is the 7th anniversary of Ohio Deaf History Month.  Learn more with an exhibit put on by Ohio Deaf Friends of the Library. The exhibit is to educate visitors at the Statehouse about Deaf culture and history, and to bring together people in the Deaf community and people with hearing.    


The display is in the Governors Hallway on the first floor.  Art works that won the Deaf Themed Art Contest can be seen along with historical facts and photographs.  

The Ohio Revised Code, Section 5.2281, says:  

The period beginning the thirteenth day of March and ending the fifteenth day of April is designated as "Ohio Deaf History Month."


Pictured:  Debbie Brown, Treasurer of the Ohio Deaf Friends of the Libaray (ODFL)