January 27, 2009
Chase - Salmon P. Chase
Salmon Portland Chase, born on January 13, 1808 in Cornish, New Hampshire, served as Ohio’s Governor, Senator, the Secretary of the Treasury, and was appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Chase moved to Worthington, Ohio in 1820 to live with his uncle following the death of his father and an economic crisis. Chase briefly attended Cincinnati College before returning to New Hampshire to study at Dartmouth College. Chase was honored as a subject of the “These Are My Jewels” display, which is a collection of statues depicting prominent 19th century Ohioans located on the Ohio Statehouse grounds, in 1894. He is remembered for his role in the developing the Free-Soil Party platform and was Ohio’s first Republican governor. Chase died on May 7, 1873 in New York City, as the result of a stroke. Governor Salmon P. Chase was made a Great Ohioan in 2009.