January 17, 2012
Gentile - Don Gentile
Don Gentile, born in Piqua, Ohio on December 6, 1920 was an Ace Fighter Pilot during World War II. He was the son of Italian immigrants and was fascinated with aviation from a young age. Gentile enrolled in the Royal Canadian Air Force, as he was unable to enlist in the US Air Force, as he did not meet the educational requirements despite being trained as a pilot. He was successful in his UK posts, eventually achieving the rank of Flight Commander. Gentile flew a P-51 Mustang and was one of the top-scoring American aces. He later served in the US Air Force after the war. Gentile died in a fatal crash on January 28, 1951 in Forestville, Maryland. Don Gentile was made a Great Ohioan in 2012.