January 16, 2020
Van Wye - May Martin Van Wye
Maye Martin Van Wye, born on December 31, 1878, served as a member of both the Ohio Senate and the Ohio House of Representatives, representing Hamilton County. She served in the House a total of three terms, and one term in the Senate. Van Wye was involved with the Cincinnati Women’s Club, Association of University Women, League of Women Voters, and the National Republican League. In 1962, Van Wye wrote a semiautobiographical novel, “Eve’s Tower,” detailing her experiences in state government and her navigation of a male-dominated workspace. Van Wye died in Cincinnati, Ohio on August 26, 1968. Maye Martin Van Wye was made a Great Ohioan in 2020.

More information on Van Wye is available in our Ladies’ Gallery..

Biography: http://www.ohiostatehouse.org/museum/ladies-gallery/may-martin-van-wye