Della Wonsetler Slagle

Ohio House of Representatives, 1927 - 1934
Mahoning County



Della Slagle was elected to the Ohio General Assembly from Mahoning County. A native of Youngstown, she was involved with many civic associations and causes. Her service in the legislature marked her first and only elected public office. She attended North Eastern Ohio Normal College, taught school for five years, and had other experiences as saleswoman, newspaper reporter and mail carrier.


She was active in the temperance movement, and for sixteen years was county president (a non-elective position).


She sought office as a state representative in 1927 and served three consecutive terms. During one of her bids for reelection, she stated; "I pledge to the people of Mahoning County to the best of my ability to stand for all times for the best of humanity and equal treatment for all people" (Youngstown Telegram, 1928).


Slagle served in various community organizations: the Women's Christian Temperance Union; the Rainbow Auxiliary; the Deaconess Board of Pearl Street Community House, the Ladies Aid Group of Youngstown (president), and the Women's Union Label League.


Biography courtesy of the Ohio Women's Policy and Research Commission