Grace V. Ford

Ohio House of Representatives, 1938 - 1940
Trumbull County

Ohio House of Representatives, 1933 - 1934
Trumbull County



Grace Ford was a participant in the volatile arena of politics during the years she ran for state office in 1932 to 1938. She was elected as a state representative for Trumbull County to the Ohio House in 1932; served for a term of two years and came back later in 1936 to run for the same office. She lost, however, in the Democratic sweep of that election year (carried by the force of Roosevelt's reelection). In 1938, Grace Ford witnessed a more favorable sweep as Republicans took many offices in Trumbull County and she was once again elected to serve in the Ohio General Assembly.


Her time outside the legislature was devoted to other public service activities, including: the Women's Relief Corps (Ohio president); the National Order of Women Legislators; Daughters of the American Revolution; Order of the Eastern Star, the Council of Church Women of Warren; the Y.W.C.A. Board of Trustees (president), and the Women's Christian Temperance Union (both a local and state officer).


Ford's other elected position was on the Warren City Board of Education; from 1916 to 1923. She continued her civic and Republican party activities upon her retirement to Florida.


Biography courtesy of the Ohio Women's Policy and Research Commission